31 Dec 2022

10 Unmatched Features to Choose SalesKlik for Your Online Store

A proper and trustworthy eCommerce website builder platform plays a vital role in scaling any online business. Along with the platform, it is also mandatory for some requisite features to be present under one roof that are essential to create (an) online store and ensure its success.

A good eCommerce platform like SalesKlik designed for startups comes packed with all the requisite options that help in building an immersive website or a greatly enhanced store page for the visitors, enabling them to get engaged in the optimum way possible with their customers, locking a fruitful transaction.

Here is a list of the top 10 features that makes SalesKlik stand out from the rest of the crowd of present day eCommerce builder platforms to make an online store:

  • Shopping Cart

    An elementary section of any eCommerce store is the shopping cart, a place where the prospective buyers store the products they want to acquire before moving on to the next process of checkout. A versatile cart allows checkout by both customers, namely, guest users along with registered users check out. For instance – shopping carts hosted by Printify and Flipkart are the best examples in this scenario.

  • Full Scale Security

    Security is and will always be the highest priority issue, ensuring that no confidential data – like credit card credentials – gets saved or leaked, and in the case of each prepaid shipment a secured payment gateway is deployed during the final checkout. All passwords are encrypted irrespective of whether it is stored or not. All the web pages are secured through SSL too.

  • Order Management

    The most perpetual order management dashboard comes with a minimalistic interface showcasing the appropriate information to the merchant concerning order cancellation, COD order verification, commenced refunds, replace or exchange orders status update, and much more. This tab helps a merchant to handle and keep track of the order fulfillment all while supervising its completion.

  • Integrated Payment Gateway

    A top tier eCommerce platform that sells products is expected to provide a variety of payment gateways for customers to choose from. This is one of the most crucial aspects that holds the potential to disappoint or enhance the customer experience. This platform has pre-approved payment gateways which can be smoothly integrated into one’s custom online store with much ease.

  • Expandable Infrastructure

    The hosting infrastructure has the capacity to tackle increased traffic as your business scales up. High latency causes drops in transaction rates and loss of marketing dollars. For better product management and to enhance a website’s performance, CDN is used to facilitate excellent uptime, enabling the website to always stay available.

  • Analytics & Reports

    All reports holding comprehensive data about customer databases, catalogue-wise products, orders are available as exports. These help in analysing the growth and strategising the wayforward. Our optimised platform has the necessary marketing tools and analytics in built, which enables you to improve marketing of your brand and make reports regarding the ongoing performance of the store.

  • Mobile Compatibility

    We offer hasslefree solutions for mobile compatibility. In the initial stages, a mobile view is expected to be smoothly responsive to the device. The WAP poses as a mobile-specific template improving the size and loading time of a website. In the present day people prefer browsing via phones, so API’s for crafting mobile apps is essential.

  • Logistics Integration

    We offer integrated logistics services with flawless shipping guaranteeing true tracking abilities to both the merchant and the customer for real time shipment updates. This feature facilitates a user to coordinate all their shipments from one place instead of doing it with the courier partners separately.

    Undelivered orders can be managed from an automated NDR panel already present in the app. Besides this, a dedicated tracking page is present allowing a buyer the chance to drop feedback so that swift actions can be taken.

  • Communications & Timely Updates

    Since regular communication with the customers is pivotal, there are options to send and receive notifications on regular intervals regarding the orders on the panel itself. This process enables a merchant to exchange information about the order status directly with their customers through the system.

  • Efficient Content Management Systems

    A content management system means collaborating particular website content like – logo, banner, products, footer links, and policies from the back end. A user friendly system facilitates hasslefree management.

  • SalesKlik is one of the leading eCommerce builder platforms for startups which offer easy integration tools at competitive prices that enables you to create (an) online store, launch it and it in a hasslefree way. With the option to choose from their wide variety of pricing plans it is guaranteed to suit and serve all your points of application and requisite marketing needs.