15 Dec 2022

5 Step By Step Guide to Create Your Own Online Shopping Site From Scratch

Since online shopping has grabbed the maximum attention of people worldwide, this data should not come as a surprise to you. By 2023, eCommerce retail purchases are expected to increase from 14.1% to 22%.

It is predicted that eCommerce sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. Shocking, isn’t it?

So, if you are selling your products through a brick-and-mortar store, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits. With a custom online store, you can reach a wide audience across the globe and generate more sales.

Being a non-technical person, if you face challenges while setting up your online store from scratch, we are here to help you with how to create an online store.

  • Research & Domain Selection

    In order to begin your venture into the online sector, in-depth research is important in order to identify the pathways that need to be taken in order to achieve the objectives. The decision needs to be taken regarding what you will offer on your eCommerce store and how you plan on sourcing them.

    Also, information about payment gateways and possible shipping methods should be clear in order to serve the target audience optimally. The answers to all these questions should be at hand along with a plan, considering different parameters in order to be market ready. 

    Once the research and identification of all the products that will be up for sale on the online store is done, the next step is to acquire a domain name for the custom eCommerce website. Choosing the right domain name is very integral as it adds credibility to the business in the long term.

  • Choosing the eCommerce Builder Platform

    The following step is to narrow down on the most suitable eCommerce platform builder to create an eCommerce website for your business needs. Choosing the optimal digital platform to build and create your custom online store can bring a huge positive impact on helping your online business flourish.

    In today’s date there are numerous platforms available in the market, which makes it quite challenging to select the platform that efficiently fulfills all the requisites that is needed to setup an eCommerce store and structure it in the most user friendly way possible infused with all the necessary elements. Hence, it is advisable to spend some time going through a few and researching before deciding on one that offers the most suitable features for your needs.

  • Designing an eCommerce Website

    Custom designing a fully operational eCommerce website has lots of obstacles as it is created to showcase the products or services that are up for sale, alongside motivating customers to shop online. Hiring an experienced eCommerce website design company is a good option to create your eCommerce website and structure the online shop. 

    The perfect design should be attractive and have smooth navigational options. The customers should experience ease in browsing while being able to find what they are looking to purchase in the easiest way.

  • Any ideal website should have the following requisites:

    • Easy to navigate categories.
    • A simple checkout process.
    • Responsive interface.
    • Provision for adding social proof.
  • Product Categorisation and Integration

    It is very essential on the seller’s part to know how their users will search for the products, regardless of the product they are selling. Developing a well-segregated product category structure is important to scale the online business. A systematic category/subcategory structure will not only help you to enhance the user experience on your eCommerce website, but will also help in ranking the site higher on search engines through the use of designated keywords.

    Good quality product images on the store page helps in converting more visitors into prospective buyers. According to a recent research study, nearly 71% of customers think that a detailed video explains a product better, increasing the trustworthiness of the seller.

  • Payment Gateways Setup & Conducting SEO

    Offering the secure and hassle free payment gateway options to your customers, increases the credibility of your eCommerce business paving the way towards success. Your store should be able to provide customers with all major payment gateway options for better user experience like direct bank transfer, Credit & Debit Cards, UPI and more.

    While choosing the payment gateway, one should always check for PCI compliance and SSL certification to avoid any security issues in the future.

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