24 Sep 2022

How Sales Klik Makes Work Easy For Small Business Owners To Go Online

There is no dearth of eCommerce websites in the present-day world. A recent report showed that, taken together, there are well over 12.5 million eCommerce portals globally. While the fact that this gives plenty of options for business owners to browse different platforms – selecting the ‘right’ one, that would deliver the best return on investment – can be tricky. In particular, for small & medium scale businesses (SMBs), the decision of choosing the best eCommerce platform to sell products has to be taken with a lot of care. Over here, we will highlight the key factors that make Sales Klik an ideal online platform for small businesses to create their custom online store in a few clicks.

Unlimited Personalisation Options

Sales Klik provides the opportunity of endless options to personalise. Users can not only create their own store, but also decide the all-in-all appearance of the entire setup. Ranging from cosmetics to apparel, and lifestyle to grocery, businesses have the scope to fabricate a store that demonstrates their brand values and identity. The plethora of themes and branding variants help businesses to find any niche personalisation according to their choice.

24×7 Operational Timings

There are no predefined timings of operation with online stores – unlike their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. Devoid of fixed timings, such businesses can operate the entire day and go beyond any geographic barriers, with round-the-clock operations. Investments as low as the initial plan on Sales Klik have the possibility to generate returns manifold. Besides, even when such online stores function round the clock, operational costs are greatly reduced.

Store Creation in Minimal Steps

The creation of an eCommerce store usually demands a professional designer or developer to craft a fully functional website. Sales Klik, however, offers smooth setup of a custom store with the help of easy ecommerce development tools. Easy to follow instructions and a user friendly interface make it ideal for anyone with minimal technical knowledge to design and setup the storeーall by themselves! Hence the platform enables any business owners to formulate and launch their own online stores, without investing big or looking for any help.

Improved scope of marketing

eCommerce stores developed and built on Sales Klik have the fluent option to enhance their marketing without incurring any extra expenses. Lively store banners are there to communicate unique offers or any upcoming discounts to the prospective customers. This brings down the overall marketing costs of the business.

Payment gateways

All monetary transactions on Sales Klik stores are very safe, hassle-free and encrypted. Thanks to multiple payment gateway support, customers have various options to finish their shopping process. Lesser instances of downtimes facilitates businesses to continue their operational activities normally.

Secure Browsing Experience

Sales Klik provides safe domains and henceforth a secure internet browsing experience to customers. Buyers can place faith on websites structured on Sales Klik, since they eliminate the risk of personal and sensitive data breach – a crucial concern that pops up on people’s mind while browsing the internet. All eCommerce stores created on Sales Klik are provided with proper industry standard SSL certificate. It enables visitors to see a locked icon (signifying ‘safe browsing’) on any websites they visit. This certificate is accessible on all sites designed on this platform.

Sign Up For Free

In the present day world as businesses are going online in their boundary expansion, having a website under their name is more crucial than ever. However, it is the usual norm for people to think that creating an online eCommerce website can be pretty expensive – particularly if it is built from scratch. Sales Klik is a website builder platform where anyone can set up their custom online store in a few clicks. Besides, the option to sign up for free before choosing the desired plan is insanely affordable, for creating a 360° website. There are subsequent plan upgrades, which offer user-friendly mobile applications too.

The future of retail business – both in India and abroad – is retail, there are no two ways about it. By leveraging the World Wide Web optimally, businesses can connect with a truly huge pool of potential buyers, showcase their products, and drive sales (and revenues). However, apprehensions over probable complexities about taking that ‘digital leap’ (i.e., moving from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to an online store) can be a roadblock for sellers – and that’s precisely where Sales Klik, as a zero-coding online retail store website builder platform, becomes one of the best eCommerce platform to sell products, delivering true convenience. With a gamut of user-friendly features, custom plans and complete security assistance, the platform can easily ensure that small businesses do not…well…stay ‘small’ for long!