22 Nov 2022

The Easy Guide To Setup Ecommerce Store For Small Business

The process of understanding how to begin and maintain an eCommerce business isn’t quite as easy as starting any other business. But given the present day market scenario, the setting up, initiating and sustaining sites where entrepreneurs, creators and designers of all fields can trade and sell their creations is more prospective now than ever.

Depending on one’s objectives, it is suggested to kickstart an eCommerce business. Since, there is no need for a brick-and-mortar store, an eCommerce store offers excellent flexibility, cost effectiveness, and a great window of opportunity for many entrepreneurs. So the next question is, how to setup eCommerce store online and the essential points to adhere to.

It goes like unsaid facts that there are significant differences in starting an eCommerce business in comparison to starting a brick-and-mortar store. Well, there are a few similarities too. As we proceed with the information, most of the planning process and legal steps that will be required for the kickstarting process.  One needs to know that this process is nearly the same as any other business. However, once it’s actually time to delve into the operations, the difference in the process of starting an eCommerce store can be understood.

Have you researched your business category?

To begin with, the very first step is deciding the exact items or service that your eCommerce business is going to offer. The next question is whether it will be selling products or services? If it is selling products, then whether they are physical or digital? Where will the products be sourced from? After determining and deciding on these particular parameters the final part comes down to choosing the business model that can be employed.

These specific questions are integral in the initial phase of starting your business and during the process of its plan creation. Undertaking this analysis path throws a better light bringing clarity on the distinct goals ahead. Specifically in the eCommerce scenario, finding the niche is a very important and non-ignorable part.

Have you fixed a business name and the legal structure?

Once the decision is made final to go forward with your desired plan of eCommerce business, the next step that follows under this process is to narrow down on a distinctive name that strongly implies the technicalities of your business.

Next in line is the legal structure of the business. There are different types of legal structures for different types of entities. Finalising this aspect of the business is extremely essential. Different varieties of legal and financial implications are applicable for certain operational or functional activities solely dependent on the type of entity chosen.

What is EIN and which licenses or permits need to be procured?

The nine-digit unique employer identification number is essential for your eCommerce business to segregate business and personal finances. It can be obtained from the IRS, which is basically free — either by  phone, mail or fax.

Now if we look into the matter of the requisite license and permits to run your business, then we can see that not all types of licenses are required for successfully and lawfully establishing an eCommerce business. Though it is would be a wise decision to keep some of the below-mentioned documentations handy:

  • Sales tax permits.
  • Professional & trade licenses for select industries.
  • Signage permits.
  • Environmental, Safety and Health permits.
  • Building & construction permits.

How to choose the best eCommerce builder platform to setup your website?

The most significant course of action for setting up a custom online store is selecting an ideal online store builder platform that suits the needs for all types of businesses. In today’s market there are numerous options of platforms available, which offer variety pricing plans equipped with easy eCommerce development tools that allow seamless setting up of your custom store in the most efficient way possible. To make affordable ecommerce platform or website, doing some in-depth research is imperative – in order to identify the most suitable one. The one chosen should allow effortless customisation of your eCommerce store, management of inventory, payment pages, shipments and orders, and much more.

How to go about with product listing & promotion?

This process involves cataloging and showcasing products on the storefront that are intended to be put up for sale. Here, the positioning of the complete inventory, SEO, customer experience and the end-to-end process of purchase and sale should be kept in mind.

Once the website is live there are a diversified range of marketing strategies at your disposal — Google search ads, social media ads, word of mouth and much more that can be made use of for promotional purposes. Optimising the SEO is something that should be done very diligently in order to boost the store website. After all these are taken care of, regular assessment should be done to check what is working and what is not in order to carry out required tweaks in the future. 

These are the basic yet most essential steps for structuring and systematically setting up an eCommerce business store. In order to set up your store quickly and start rolling, conduct proper research and follow all the steps accordingly. Sales Klik is one of fastest growing website builder platforms in the present day  market that allows you to conveniently setup an ecommerce store online in just 3 easy steps with the help of a very user-friendly interface.