30 Apr 2022

Top 10 Tips To Choose An Ecommerce Platform

eCommerce platforms offer a quick and cost-effective way for MSMEs in particular to grow their businesses. Not all such platforms are equally reliable, however. The onus is on you to select an online platform that is reliable and user-friendly, fits easily in your budget, and is likely to help in pulling up your volume of business (and hence, finances) manifold. Here are a few key pointers that you can follow while looking for the best ecommerce platform to sell products or take your business online:

The Price Factor

Paying big bucks for an eCommerce platform that is hardly of any use to you is not a great idea, right? Specify a budget, and look for online business platforms that deliver the maximum benefits without going beyond that budget figure. Ideally, make a shortlist of the best eCommerce platforms, compare their features, check out the plans they offer (and their respective advantages), and pick the one that seems to be the best. 

Customisability & Integrations

When you take your business to the online space, you should never compromise on the brand uniqueness factor. Select an eCommerce platform that allows you to set up completely customised online store(s) with your own branding elements (logos, graphics, colours, etc.). There should also be a proper selection of themes to choose from. In addition, ask about the software integration capabilities that the platform comes with (e.g., API integrations, email marketing, etc.). Strong integrations can bolster the ‘connectedness’ of your online business store in a big way.

Support & Scalability

If you are a first-time online seller, you should always ascertain the level of customer support and guidance that comes with the eCommerce platform you are planning to select. For optimal ease of usage, go for a platform that comes with DIY store builder features via simple clicks and/or drag-and-drop capabilities. That way, you will not have to rely on others at every step, while setting up your online store. The platform you choose should also be a scalable one. As your business grows in volume & scope, difficulties should not arise while using it.