28 Jul 2022

Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own Online Fashion Store For Free

Are you stepping back from creating your personal online store because of finances? Many businesses consider that moving to the online format can be expensive and complicated. However, that is far from the truth. Several ecommerce platforms offer affordable plans to start off your online selling journey. Sales Klik is a multi-featured ecommerce platform that offers budget plans for small businesses as well as MSMEs. You can custom-create online stores for free. Let’s get started on the ultimate guide to create your own online fashion store in simple and easy steps.


Step 1: Setting Up the Online Store


First things first, to set up an online ecommerce store on Sales Klik, visit the website. Click on the ‘Try for 30 days free’ button under the Sell Online tab. You will be directed to a signup page, wherein you will have to enter your details. After you are done filling in your details, click on the ‘Create your Store’. Wait as your custom store gets created. 


Step 2: Getting Started


To get started with your online store, you need to put in information about your business. You will be required to upload your brand logo, banner and product(s). Next, click on ‘Unit Management’ and enter ‘Unit Name’.


Step 3: Add Your Product Category


To successfully create your virtual fashion store, click on ‘Product Management’ and choose ‘Category’. Then, click on ‘Theme Management’, followed by ‘Theme Choose’. Pick a theme and click ‘Activate’ to choose a theme of your choice and liking.


Step 4: Customise Your Store Theme


To opt for a personalised appearance of your store, click on ‘Theme Management’, followed by ‘Theme Customisation’. You can choose from the available themes on the store, or even unlock more on plan upgrade.  Once you are done with the necessary changes, click on ‘Submit’.

To establish your brand, you will have to upload the Main Logo, Footer logo, Favicon image as well as Sticky logo and click on ‘Submit’. 


Step 5: Manage your Products


What is a store without its products? On an online ecommerce store, list the products for your business by entering the product category name. Select a banner type, while providing a product description along with. For a fashion store, you will need to add the product colour, sizes, material as well as the brand, or your private label. Repeat the same for all the brand names and logos you wish to add.


Step 6: Add the details of the Products


One of the best advantages that buyers experience while shopping online is the availability of plenty of information about all products. When you create an online store, enter the additional information about the products, click on ‘Product Management’ and choose ‘Products’. Then, click on ‘Create’ to enter Product General Information. Enter the type, category, subcategory, etc. of the products, followed by Tax details (HSN Code, SGST, CGST, etc.). 

You must add additional details like Batch Name, Batch No., Available Stock, etc. to provide your customers with as much information and updates as possible. Although optional, short and long product descriptions will give your customers enough information to know the piece of clothing, without having to touch it. Add feature image(s) and gallery images to display the products virtually. You can also add product video(s) if you want to. Here, you can also add the required details for returning the product. 


Step 7: Add SEO Information For Your Products


Product information is not only beneficial for your customers but also for the crawlers/bots of search engines. Having an optimised product description will keep the search engine crawlers happy. Keywords tell the search engine what your product page is about. 

Hence, add meta title, meta keywords, meta description to ensure better visibility on search engines, when searched by prospective customers. Repeat the same for all your products. To manage several products or to update any information, you can click on the edit icon from the ‘Products’ tab. Change the product attributes as required and click on ‘Update’. 


Step 8: Choose the Store Banner & Theme


The final step of launching your online fashion store is deciding the look and feel of it. Choose the store banner for attracting and informing visitors about your store and products. To customise the theme, click on the ‘Appearance’ tab, and choose ‘Customise Theme’. Select from the numerous themes available. You can also select particular sections to personalise, such as the Menu Bar, Featured, Logo, Footer, Brand Section etc. 

When you are done with all the listings and personalising your store, click on ‘Preview’ to check how your online clothing store looks like. Remember, you can view your store several times in between to check its appearance. In addition, remember to add in your shipping (partner, type, charges) and payment gateway details before you are ready to take in the orders.