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Name Your

Log in to the SalesKlik platform and start customising your dashboard. Name your online store, list the category of your business and provide all other details.


Add Your

Let your customers know what your business is all about. List the products & services you are offering, set prices, and you are good to go.


Add Your

Let your customers know what your business is all about. List the products & services you are offering, set prices, and you are good to go.


Start Selling

You are now set to present your business to all the buyers waiting out there. Share the details of your online store, take orders, arrange for delivery, and accept payments. Let’s Go!

Features at a Glance

SalesKlik redefines the ease of doing business online,
with a wide range of user-friendly features & customisations.


Optimised Marketing Designs

Give your online store a smart & professional feel with unique pre-built marketing design elements & options.


Templates & Themes

Choose from an array of custom themes and templates to make your online store look just the way you want it to.


Easy Page Navigation

Make it easy for buyers to buy products online from your store, with smooth page navigation, clear instructions and easy flow.


Your Own Domain

Build your brand identity with a custom domain name for your online business store, and strengthen brand recall value.


Payments Made Easy

Integrate your payment gateway(s) directly into your online store on the SalesKlik platform, and accept payments without a hitch.


Built-in Plugin Support

Augment the features, functionalities & capabilities of your online store with the powerful in-built plugins on the platform.


Full Security

SalesKlik comes with robust built-in security features, so that your online business assets remain safe at all times.


Maintain Buyer Lists

Prepare, maintain and access your list of customers right from your dashboard. Watch your business grow real-time.


Dedicated Mobile App

Make m-shopping an absolute breeze for your customers, with your dedicated online store app. Available on Android.

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Frequently Asked Questions -
About SalesKlik

Have a lingering doubt that you need to clarify before signing up on SalesKlik? Worry not, we know the feeling.
Here are some explanations that you should find useful.

What if you have more questions? Email us at, and we will get back to you in 24 hours (or less).

What exactly is SalesKlik & how does it work?

SalesKlik is a fully customisable and user-friendly eCommerce platform that helps you grow your business. Set up & customise your online store, list your products/services, set prices, and process payments - all in the matter of a few clicks. Minimal hassles, maximum convenience.

Who can list their businesses on the SalesKlik platform?

Put in one word, everyone. From books, groceries and furniture, to food, digital products, jewellery, artwork and more - you can build online stores for a wide range of businesses.

How much does SalesKlik cost?

Depending on your precise online selling requirements, you can go for the SalesKlik ECONOMY or PREMIUM or ADVANCED plan. Check out the features of each plan, before signing up. You can create a free account to test the waters, before getting onboard.

Is it possible to accept online payments on SalesKlik?

Absolutely. You can receive online payments from your buyers, and integrate third-party payment gateways with your SalesKlik account. All payment-related details are encrypted and fully secure.

Can custom business domains be used on SalesKlik ?

We appreciate the importance of unique branding for MSMEs and other business owners. That’s precisely why we have made it possible for our users to connect your custom domain with your SalesKlik account.

How customisable is the SalesKlik platform?

SalesKlik is easily one of the most customisable & user-friendly online eCommerce marketplaces out there. Take your pick from a vast array of professional themes, templates & design elements, and make your online store visually appealing.

Who handles the product shipping?

That’s entirely your choice. You can either opt to use our integrated SalesKlik Delivery service, or go with your own delivery partner - to ship products across the country.

What are our Clients Saying?

MSMEs absolutely adore the seamless features, reliability and customisability of the SalesKlik eCommerce platform.

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