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Privacy Policy

SalesKlik is the multi-featured eCommerce platform that makes it easy for MSMEs and other business-owners to launch their online stores and prosper in the ever-changing digital retail landscape.

At SalesKlik, we care for the privacy & confidentiality of your information. Our team, hence, has created this “Privacy Policy statement to acquaint you with the information we collect, how the same is used, and the manner in which we ensure complete information security. It is also recommended that you go through our Terms of Use before registering on SalesKlik.


What Information Do We Collect?

To help you get started, we ask for certain personal information (personally identifiable information), such as your full name, email address, business name, phone number, and the like. Going forward, you may be asked to provide more details, as well as information on how you plan to use the SalesKlik services.


Information Access From Third-Party Sources

Apart from the information you opt to share with us directly, we might also access relevant data about you/your business through other third-party sources (e.g., business listing portals, social media platforms, etc.). Please note that information sourced in this manner is used to personalise the services delivered to you.

We may also access and store information about you/your business, as you start using the SalesKlik digital eCommerce marketplace. The information you provide while setting up your online business store(s) is used for further customisations, so that you get greater convenience & flexibility.


What Do We Use Personal Information For?

All personal, identifiable information (i.e., information that can be traced back to reveal your identity) are used in a fully responsible way - to constantly improve our services, and deliver greater efficiency & reliability to you. In summary, we use your information to:

  • Make your eCommerce websites in particular, and the SalesKlik platform in general, better & more customised.
  • Provide the core services & functions for setting up your online stores.
  • Ensure digital-level and personal-level information security.
  • Maintain seamless communication with you on an one-to-one basis.
  • Respond to queries, feedback, suggestions and more.


We may also use your information for promotional purposes - for instance, emails about new features and/or updates in the SalesKlik platform. Of course you can opt out of such communications, if you feel like. We will never disturb you with spam emails though - and that’s a promise!

Please note that the information you share on the SalesKlik platform is never sold, shared, manipulated, rented, or misused in any other way for commercial purposes. In case you decide to remove any information that had been shared earlier, send over an email to [email protected]


Note: SalesKlik is not meant to be used by, nor does it collect any information about, individuals under the age of 18.


Responsible User Behaviour

The internet has its own risks, and no software in the world comes with 100% security assurances. That being said, our in-house IT department is constantly on the lookout to detect probable security breaches. You also need to be responsible about how you share information on the web. Note that SalesKlik is not responsible for any wilful distortion, alteration & misuse of personal data, arising from careless or indiscriminate use of the said information.


Data Protection

All Indian residents using our platform are entitled to the protection of their data under the standard laws of the country. This section addresses all related concerns.


How We Collect Your Data

The personal data we collect comes from you when you sign up for a trial account/subscription plan on the SalesKlik platform. when you proceed to use the service and provide additional information necessary for using the services we provide. We may also obtain your information from third-party sources. Please refer to the section “Accessing Information From Third-Party Sources for more information.


What We Do With Your Data

We use your personal information in a completely responsible manner to facilitate efficient service to you and improve it as and when required. The information we collect from you is essential for the smooth working of SalesKlik eCommerce platform, as well as to ensure the security of that data. Refer to the section “What Do We Use Your Information For” for better understanding.


Legal Grounds For Data Processing

By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you provide your consent to allow processing of your data by us. You can remove any information subsequently or withdraw consent anytime by emailing us at [email protected]. Refer to the section titled “What Do We Use Your Information For” to learn more.


Third-Party Data Sharing

We will share your data with third-parties who use the SalesKlik platform on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Your data is not shared with any unauthorised third-party . Have a look at the section “What Do We Use Your Information For?” to learn more.


How Long Is your Data Stored For

Your personal data is stored with us as long as we deem it necessary for the provision of our services and for our clients as well, for business purposes. We may also store your data for as long as the law requires.


Use Of “Cookies”

Cookies are small internet files that are stored on your browser. These cookies are used to personalise your website visits, to “track” and “remember” your preferences, and to “know” you on subsequent visits - in order to ensure greater personalisation. If you do not want this convenience, you can easily clear the cookies from your browser.

Welcome once again to the SalesKlik eCommerce platform. If you have any further queries, head over to our FAQ section (link to FAQ). Start building custom eCommerce websites, reach out to more buyers, and expedite the growth of your business.



Create your very own fully customised online business store on the SalesKlik eCommerce platform. A few clicks, and you are all set to start selling online.

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