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Terms & Condtions

SalesKlik is the multi-featured eCommerce platform that makes it easy for MSMEs and other business-owners to launch their online stores and prosper in the ever-changing digital retail landscape.
Before starting to use the SalesKlik ecommerce platform, an initiative of CYRUS E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED, we request every user to go through all the points & provisions of our “TERMS OF USE” (alternatively, “TERMS & CONDITIONS'' or “USAGE POLICY”). Kindly note that all the provisions mentioned herein are binding on all parties. Any dispute, perceived discrepancy or conflict of opinion are subject to resolution by individual arbitration. If you do not agree to any of the terms listed below, we would advise you to stop using our services with immediate effect.
From hereon, terms like “We”, “Us”, “Our” and the like would refer to SalesKlik and its in-house team. Terms like “You”, “Your”, “User”, “Client” and the like would indicate MSMEs & other business-owners looking to use SalesKlik to grow their businesses online.
Please note that SalesKlik is a DIY eCommerce platform for independent business owners. Our “product” is a fully customisable, flexible and user-friendly digital marketplace platform - meant for the creation of fully branded, personalised, and feature-rich online business stores.
The SalesKlik platform has been created to help businesses of diverse categories create custom ecommerce websites and mobile apps to connect with prospective buyers and take their operations to the next level. Kindly note that certain businesses are BANNED from using our platform in any capacity. You can check the list of businesses banned on SalesKlik right here (link to Banned Businesses section).
Our team is always vigilant about monitoring all types of user-generated content (images, videos, graphics, product/service details, etc.). Even so, it is probably beyond the realms of feasibility to to keep a tab on every such element. We hereby request everyone to create their online stores and share content responsibly. SalesKlik cannot be, in any way, held responsible for offensive products/services/content shared by any user.
All images, text content, videos, colours, designs and other visual elements used on our platform are the property of SalesKlik . Any attempt towards unauthorised reselling, reproduction, duplication, manipulation, misrepresentation or misuse would be tantamount to violation of intellectual property rights, and as such, punishable in a court of law.
The personal & business information you voluntarily share with us on the SalesKlik portal is saved in our secure database, and is governed by our clearly defined Privacy Policy. When you start to use SalesKlik, it is automatically assumed that you have already checked out, and are in accordance with, our Privacy Policy statements.
At times, links/resources from third-party websites and/or other sources might be published on the SalesKlik portal. Note that we cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the information shared through such resources. SalesKlik does not take any responsibility for the nature & quality of information shared by these third-party elements.
We at SalesKlik are accountable for each & every action we take. We also expect you to adhere to all the “Acceptable Usage Standards”, while using our platform. Violations of this would include activities like: a) creating network problems or clogging network traffic/bandwidth to hamper other users, b) sharing content of any form that is inappropriate for minors, c) engaging in any type of abusive online behaviour, d) attempting to send or broadcast messages/emails or any other communication in bulk, e) using any type of automated tool and/or device that might adversely impact the stability & performance of the SalesKlik platform, f) trying to share hidden text or images, or attempting to elicit personal information, like account passwords through misrepresentation and other such actions. Violation of these “Acceptable Usage Standards” is likely to lead to immediate deletion of your SalesKlik account from our records.
The SalesKlik eCommerce platform is intended for users over 18 years of age.
All the content elements that you add to your eCommerce website and/or mobile app remain YOUR PROPERTY at all times. You own the rights to edit/add/remove any information as you deem suitable. You should also note that the details you share may be used by SalesKlik to improve our services further.
As a conscious business-owner, the onus is on you to protect your password(s) and/or any other personal information. If you feel that your SalesKlik account has been compromised in any way, please get in touch with our team immediately.
In addition to the custom eCommerce website, you can also create dedicated mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. However, we do not provide any assurance that the app(s) will be functional on all types of mobile devices/smart devices. That would be your responsibility.
We are always observant of the quality, reliability and stability of the marketplace services delivered by SalesKlik. In this context, we would also like to mention that products, information, services and software associated with SalesKlik are provided on an “as-is” basis. We are not responsible in any way for any loss/damage to business owners following the use of our eCommerce platform.
At SalesKlik , we take a lot of pride in our round-the-clock availability. However, the portal may be down at certain times for routine system maintenance. Information about such mandatory maintenance will be shared with you in advance.
All clients of the SalesKlik platform come onboard on their own free will. Requests for refunds after days/weeks of subscribing to a plan will not be entertained.
The SalesKlik team reserves the right to modify, or add to, our Terms of Use without prior notice. Updates for the SalesKlik platform are also released at regular intervals. Such updates are done for the continuous improvement of our services.
Apart from violations of “Acceptable Usage Standards”, the cancellation of your SalesKlik account is your sole prerogative. Note that when you use SalesKlik to create online product stores (eCommerce websites and mobile apps) to promote your business, you do so voluntarily - and there is no coercion or compulsion involved.
We really hope, and will make all the effort to ensure, that you enjoy using our services. You wish to ensure maximum exposure for your business - and the custom eCommerce websites and apps created with SalesKlik help you to do just that!

Create your very own fully customised online business store on the SalesKlik eCommerce platform. A few clicks, and you are all set to start selling online.

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Salesklik - e-Commerce made easy. | Product Hunt
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